Saturday, December 17, 2011

electrical panels

understanding the electrical panel is a container collection site orelectrical safety either mechanically or electrically, or the general term of the panel is the fuse / MCB. panel material made ​​of metalor plastic plate. usually for large capacity electric security or a lot.installation of electrical safety goal is to let the electricalinstallation circuits short circuit occurs with the electrical safetywill soon decide a series of installations by electric current.electrical panel circuits consist of a safety belt eclectic meltingand thermal.
1. Melting safety is the nature of its electrical safety fuse wire in a certain place on the tube when the wire is passed by the electric current at a certain size.
2. thermal electrical safety is a safety system that works with the thermal or heat. when an electric current through the thermalsystem exceeds a certain size then the mechanical power will bebroken.

of both types of safety is the most widely in use is a safetythermal eclectic. Is caused to normalize these electrical safety,electrical safety need not be replaced, but simply return it to thelever in normal position

In a home or office electrical installation, should be made the group or groupsMake a goal in the group is when a short circuit occurs in an electrical equipment is not all installations will bedisconnected and to facilitate the search for the faulty electricalinstallations.
Usually the grouping is the installation to make your own lamp in the lampwhile for large load on its own make, too. But if the homeis more than one floor is usually classify themselves in their ownrespective floors.
In an electrical installation is known by the term drawing electricaldiagramswith the electrical diagram can be seen or read the electrical loadthe capacity of securityand the place ofinstallation.


Saturday, October 22, 2011

wering ATyS 1600 socomec

Electrical power failure! Do you still turn on the GeneratorManually? Her current panel you make use of ATS / AMF;function panels in general is when the electrical power failure thenthe automatic generator will be turned on and in seconds the power will move to the generator as well as electricity from PLNflame then the automatic power flow will move to PLN while thegenerator will in turn OFF the automatic without any operator intervention

-The function of the AMF (Automatic Main Failure) Is To Turn(Start) The Automatic Genset when Suplay Electricity from PLNFailed (There was a power outage.- While the function of ATS(Automatic Transfer Switch) is for electricity from the generatorSuplay Opening and closing the supply Automatic electricity fromPLN and also open the supply of electricity and supply ofelectricity from the generator Closes the Automatic when Supayelectricity from PLN Back; PLN flame of the Panel will rule gensetTo StopThis is done in seconds ...

Saturday, October 8, 2011

ATS (automatic transfer swicth)

                                        electrical power failure ....?????? genset runs with automatic

          ATS is the Automatic Transfer Switch that serves to moveresources from one program to the appropriate commands areexecuted automatically. ATS will automatically move the handle to the position of PLN electricity generators at padamse, so thegenerator can replace the role of PLN to supply electricity for thepowersource of the building / location. Furthermore, if the PLNreturned to normal, the ATS will automatically move the functionfrom source to source PLN generators and generator back willdie by itself, is not easy so we no need to bother to bother. turn on the generator, ATS panel will automatically activate the generatorand the generator will automatically pass through theposision
         ATS charge transfer from the previous connection connectedwithPLN transferred automatically to the side generatorso theelectricity can be connected to the user side.

         If you then return to normal PLN, the ATS task to restore its pathby moving the switch back to the primary side and then followedwithAMF duty to dismiss the diesel engine work, and so on all the control systems are controlled automatically run by itself.  


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Star - Delta

Star - delta is the circuit to run the electric motor, which at the time of star using a hub. star (star) and moments later turned into a delta (triangle). The goal is to reduce the current high star andavoid high power consumption when the initial starting of a motor.Delta has a low impedance circuit is draining the first time on the run. Remember the power is in use when starting the beginning ofadl. 3x of the normal starting time. For that series star in use.Substitution series of star to delta in doing a few seconds afterruning normal. Star delta connection found on the current ACthree phase star connection (Y), namely the connection of the ends emergency conductor (coil) of each phase meet at one point in that a neutral, common star connection in use on the motor if it requires less current star because each coil gets highvoltage line to neutral (220v). Delta connection that is, when each end konduktorphasa meet each other at a point (rs, st, tr) is the third conductor to form a triangle.

Right away, here is a picture of the control circuit and power circuitstar-delta motor starter for AC induction motor three-phase. PB is a component ON NO push-button used to turn on the circuit, whilePB1 is a component of NC push-button used to turn off the circuit.

When PB-ON is pressedthen K1T1and K3 will be ONK1-NOcontact function sebagaipengunci so K1T1and K3 will remainON even though the PB-ON has been removedAt this time the motor running with STAR configuration.

Furthermore, the T1 will count up timer count value reaches the targetWhen T1 reaches the target T1-NO output contact will be ONThusK3 K2 will be OFF and ONand the motor running with the configuration of DELTA.

Contact K2-K3-NC and NC function as interlock which ensuresthat the star contactor and delta contactor active in turn.

The duration of practical on-delay timer approximately between 3-5 secondsBut To be more preciseyou can find out moreabout the series of Star-Delta, because there are still manydetails that are not discussed in this paper that only give an example circuit and it works just a little bit of principle.